DMX Storage

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DMX Storage
menuconfig Applications->DMX Storage
Pinning no
Ecmd yes
Depends on ECMD (optional)
Requires -

Dmx Storage provides a database-like storage layer for DMX information. It forms the core of the Ethersex Lighting Architecture.

Modules (input)

The following modules change/alter the DMX data

Modules (output)

The following modules display/use the dmx data

ECMD commands

Command syntax Return values Short description
dmx channels [universe] unsigned char Get channels per universe
dmx get [universe] [channel] unsigned char Return channel value
dmx set [universe] [on/off] None Switches the universe [on] (LIVE) or [off] (BLACKOUT]
dmx set [universe] dimmer [value] None Sets the global dimmer value for that universe (0-255)
dmx set [universe] [channel] [value1] [value2]...[valuen] None Sets the values of [universe] starting from [channel]
dmx universe [universe] LIVE or BLACKOUT \n Global dimmer value (unsigned char) \n channel 0-n (unsigned char) get all channels of [universe] with
dmx universes unsigned char Get total universes


DMX Storage Channels can also be altered via the HTTP-Server. The interface currently works in most of the Webkit-based browsers (e.g. Google Chrome) and Mozilla Firefox (Version 4+). The interface can be enabled in the [VFS] menu.

Tested browsers:

Browser Version Works
Firefox 23 yes (see note)
Chromium 28.0.1500.95 yes
Konqueror 4.10.5 yes
Android Browser Android 4.3 yes

When using Firefox with a version < 23, make sure to enable "Support <input type=range> for Firefox".

The HTML interface in Chromium 37.0 on Linux