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menuconfig Applications->DMX FXSlot
Pinning no
Ecmd yes
Depends on ECMD DMX Storage
Requires -

DMX FXSlot provides slots which can be assigned to different effects/animations and devices during runtime. DMX FXslot is part of the Ethersex Lighting Architecture.

Idea of FXSlot

First advantage of FXSlot is, that you have to implement an effect or animation only once. One time you implement an effect you can multiple assign it with different speeds to different FXSlots during runtime.

Second advantage is that an FXSlot can be assigned to different DMX channels during runtime.

A small downside however is that effects can't communicate with each other.

Available Effects

Name Description Number
Rainbow Effect Fades through all "rainbow" colors - or 0->360° in the HSV Model 1
Random Colors Generates a random color 2
Fire Simulation a nice open fire effect 3
Water Simulation Fades through common water colors 4

EEPROM save and restore

You can enable the autosave feature to save all fxslots to the EEPROM each time you can something using the ECMD commands. The settings (not the effect values) will be restored when ethersex boots if you have checked the autorestore option in menuconfig.


1. One RGB PAR with DMX adress 10 in universe 1 with random color effect.

set device of FXSlot 0 :

dmx fxslot devices 0 1 0 10 1
dmx fxslot devices [fxslot_number] [amount_of_devices] [margin_between_devices] [startchannel] [universe]

set effect of FXSlot 0 :

dmx fxslot effect 0 1 2 20
dmx fxslot effect [fxslot_number] [active] [effect_number] [speed]