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make menuconfig inside the hardware menu

After installing the required software and cloning the repository, cd to the root directory of ethersex.

General Settings


 make menuconfig

to start the text-based configuration UI of ethersex. Select the default configuration by selecting (enter).

 Load a Default Configuration  --->

Now select for example

 Pollin AVR Net-IO

Back in the main menu, enter

 General Setup --->

and select your Target MCU followed by the MCU frequency in Hz

Go back to the main menu and enter the

 Network  --->

menu. Select

 Ethernet (ENC28J60) support --->

and enter the MAC address Now adjust the IP address and Netmask for your network.

Exit this menu as well as the Network menu. Hit the < Exit > button once again and select < Yes > to save your config.




to start the build process. This will only take a few seconds. If everything went well, which means you see something like this...

=======The ethersex project========
Compiled for: atmega644p at 20000000Hz
Imagesize: 36057/65536 bytes (55.02%)

Program (.text + .data) : 28098 bytes
Data (.data + .bss)     :  1698 bytes


...you are ready to flash the firmware to your board!

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