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mae1061 - tiny board similar to Pollin Avr-Net-Io

Maetech-it-mae1061 1.jpg

by Alessandro Mauro

see the page at [1]

Key features:

  • Mounts ATmega32, can also mount ATmega64;
  • Form factor fits in a 2-modules-width DIN box;
  • Ethernet 10Mbps (ENC28J60);
  • 1 RS485 through screw 5mm connector with optional polarization and termination;
  • 2 opto-isolated dc-input through screw 5mm connector;
  • 1 low-voltage, low-current relay output through screw 5mm connector;
  • 1 internal i/o line on a 2 pin header that can be used for a OneWire sensor, or a configuration Jumper, or other;
  • 12V power supply through screw 5mm connector.

compiled Ethersex using Pollin Avr-Net-Io basic configuration; just few patches are needed for the RS485 to work.

If you are interested in this, contact me at alez at maetech dot it .