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Download the Source from GITHUB

You can download Ethersex from github via git protocol

git clone git://github.com/ethersex/ethersex.git

or via http

git clone http://github.com/ethersex/ethersex.git

Updating a local version of ethersex is possible with:

git pull origin


  • AVR GCC-Compiler (Version 4.1 or higher)
  • AVR LIBC (Version 1.6.8, for 128er ATMegas 1.7)
  • GNU-Tools (Bash, Make, m4, awk)
  • AVR-Programmer (e.g. avrdude)

Linux Debian / Ubuntu

 apt-get install gcc-avr avr-libc binutils-avr m4 gawk libncurses5-dev make dialog git-core avrdude 

Arch Linux

 pacman -Sy m4 avr-binutils avr-libc avrdude avr-gcc git gawk ncurses make perl


Using MacPorts (www.macports.org) Apple Bash and sed doesn't work, you need to install Bash V4.0 and GNU sed. First, sync the Port Repository to ensure that you´ll build the latest versions of the requirements.

port selfupgrade

port install git-core avrdude avr-binutils avr-gcc avr-libc bash sed

You can also use the CrossPack, but MacPorts is more straightforward and updated. [1]

If the MacPort versions of avr-gcc or avrdude are too old. Here is a instuction how to build the toolchain manually: [2]